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Angelus MTA Fillapex 12g Endodontic Root Canal Sealer

Root Canal Sealer


Angelus MTA Fillapex 
  • For root canal filling
 Characteristic and Benefits 
  • Biocompatible: tissue recovery without causing inflammatory reactions 
  • High radiopacity: great radiographic visualization
  • Excellent flow: allows filling of accessory canals
  • Setting expansion: perfect sealing of the conduit
  • Ions Calcium Release: helps in the quickly recovery of bone and cementum formation
  • Paste X paste System: easy to use
  • Working time: 23 minutes and Setting time: 130 minute: allows adequate  time for endodontists and  general practitioners
  • Easy removal: removed with citrus oils and chloroform solvents
  • Ref. 8288 MTA Fillapex – 1 tube of base paste (7.2g), 1 tube of catalyst paste (4.8g) and 1 mixing pad


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