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Angelus Porcelain ceramic Repair Kit with silano repair with resin


DENTAL Angelus Porcelain (Ceramic) Repair Kit 
For the repair of porcelain/ceramic prostheses

Kit with products for the repair of porcelain with resin


For the repair of porcelain/ceramic prostheses



Products in one specific repair kit: Quick and perfect repairs
Masking products: Esthetic repairs in porcelain fused to metal  restorations

Small quantities of each product 


Ref. 496 Porcelain (Ceramic) Repair Kit  –

 1 X Angelus Porcelain Etchant 10% 2.5g,

  1 X Silano Angelus  5ml, 

1 X Opak B0.5  1.5g, 

1 X Opak A3 1,5g


Adhesion promoter for porcelain (ceramic) and glass fiber
  • Treatment of internal surfaces of porcelain restorations and glass fiber posts before cementation with resin cements
  • Treatment of porcelain surfaces before repair with composite resin
  • Treatment of porcelain surfaces before bonding of porcelain 
Characteristic and Benefits
  • Pre activated: easy to use
  • Solvent based on ethanol: less evaporation
  • Better adhesion: enhances bonding of resin materials (resin and cements) to porcelain (ceramic) and glass fiber
  • Ref. 479 Silano – bottle with 5ml 


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