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ental BISCO TheraCal LC light-cured Resin-modified Calcium Silicate 1gX Syringe

Product Features:

100% brand new and high quality
EXP in minimum 12 months or better
TheraCal LC – Pulp Protectant/Liner, 1Syringe (1g), Accessories, Instructions/MSDS. Light-Cured, Resin-Modified Calcium Silicate. Advantages: Improved seal and bond to deep moist dentin. Strong physical properties. No solubility. High radiopacity. Significant calcium release.
Manufacturer Code:    H-33014P
Brand:    TheraCal LC
Color:    Not specified
Curing:    Light-cure
Packaging:    1 – 1 gram syringes
Type:    Resin-modified calcium silicate


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