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Dengen Caries Arrest (5ML)


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Caries Protecting Solution Caries Remover


Research on use of  says exposure to one drop of SDF orally would result in less fluoride ion content than is present in a 0.25 mL topical treatment of fluoride varnish. The exact amount of silver and fluoride present in one drop of SDF is determined by the specific gravity of the liquid and the dropper used.

Practical Applications in the following cases :


  • High caries-risk patients with anterior or posterior active cavitated lesions
  • havioral or medical management challenges
  • Patients with multiple cavitated caries lesions that may not all be treated in one visit
  • Difficult to treat cavitated dental caries lesions
  • Patients without access to or with difficulty accessing dental care
  • Active cavitated caries lesions with no clinical signs of pulp involvement.



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