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Hemosponge (Absorbable Gelatin Sponge USP)
Hemosponge is sterile, gelatin based foam, intended for application to bleeding surface as hemostatis during surgery. It is fast, safe and effective haemostatic sponge having well established clinical safety profile. It effectively stops all kind of oozing blood, faster than natural clotting process. HEMOSPONGE is manufactured from highly purified gelatin (collagen derived protein). It is biodegradable (metabolised by proteoytic enzymes) and completely absorb in body within 4-6 weeks. The product is gamma sterilized. For detailed uses, mechanism of action, precautions, contraindications.HEMOSPONGE is available in “Dental size” It is also available in other size on demand of Physician for special application. The product is double enveloped for assurance of sterility with two kind of primary packing.PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:
Dentists perform a variety of surgical procedures frequently requiring the need for a hemostatic agent. Exodontia, tissue biopsies, placement of endosseous implants, and periodontal surgery are just some examples where hemostatic agents may be beneficial. Hemosponge dental cubes are available in 2 sizes and effectively controls all bleeding encountered in dentaloral surgeries.


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