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D Tech Cem Zinc Phosphate ( 30gm Zinc Powder + 15gm Zinc Liquid )


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D-Tech Cem Zinc Phosphate ( 30gm Zinc Powder + 15gm Zinc Liquid )
It is used for luting of crowns,bridges and inlays.Also, underfillings,temporary fillings and orthodontic works.
Luting consistency: 1.5g powder :1.0g liquid
Underfilling consistency: 2.1g powder :1.0g liquid
PROCESSING RECOMMENDATIONS: A clean,dry glass slab at at 18°-20° C and a non discolouring spatula are recommended.
*Premium Zinc Phosphate Cement
*Comfortable mixing and setting time
*Excellent handling
*Good sealing property due to low solubility
*High compressive strength
*Luting of crowns,bridges and inlays
*Orthodontic work
*Underfilling, temporary fillings
Key Sepecifications:
*Low Solubility
*High final strength


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