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10X Dengocem Glass Ionomer Type-2 Tooth Cavity Filing Cement Good Type Fs


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Item Description

Radiopaque Glass Ionomer Filling Material
Glass ionomer restorative cement (GIC), self cure in handmix version for restoration of primary teeth, core buildup.
Permanent class III, class V restorations & small class fillings.
Restoration of decidous teeth (Especially class I).
Restoration of smaller lesions.
Primary teeth fillings.
Fissure sealing.
Filling of cervical erosions.
Fillings prior to crown preparations.
Self-curing / self adherent.
Different shades to achieve desired natural aesthetics.
Radiopaque & offers strong adhesion to enamel & dentine.
High & continuous fluoride release inhibits.
Coefficient of expansion similar to tooth structure.
 1X 15gms. Powder Jar
 1X 10ml. Liquid Bottle
 1X Mixing Pad
 1X Mixing Spoon
 1X Product Instruction Manual


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