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SDF Dental Fagamin Silver Diamine


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FAgamin contains diamine silver fluoride. Other similar products used in caries prevention and dental hypersensitivity have several disadvantages in opposition to FAgamin. When applying silver nitrate  or sodium fluoride

, the dental enamel hydroxiapatite dissociates resulting in soluble calcium and phosphate ions. This explains the remineralizable effect of FAgamin. Scientific studies reveal that silver ion (Ag+) inhibits bacteria growth and has a strong action against enzymes. Fluoride ion reduces hydroxipatite solubility and inhibits caries proliferation.

In case of applying FAgamin over dental caries, the result will be a dark deposit due to the reaction of silver ions with the organic material. This is why it can also play the role of a caries detector. FAgamin® possesses the advantage of having a wide range of clinical applications attributable to its chemical composition. Some of these are: old teeth enamel and caries nearby dentin remineralization, caries detection and arrest, incipient and old caries inhibition, dental hypersensitivity desensitization. It also has an antibacterial and antiseptic action. Furthermore, FAgamin® offers a practical, easy and quick topical method for dental caries treatment on temporary teeth.

Applications :-

It can be applied on cavities prepared for prosthesis, crowns, bridges, incipient or rampant dental caries and in fissures and cavities (after widening) if dentist considers so.

It can also be applied in infected root canals, diluted 1:10 in distillated water.

Instructions for use :-

Wash and dry the tooth before beginning the treatment.

Damp a cotton swab or soft brush with two or three drops of FAgamin, wait a few minutes and rub thoroughly over the tooth for one or two minutes.

When finished, wash to remove the solution residue.

To avoid the contact of FAgamin with the mucous membrane, isolate it with a cotton pellet or rubber dump. In cases where the carious tissue is near gingival tissue, cover it with Vaseline or cacao butter

  • Cariostatic, bactericidal and dental remineralization agent.
  • Fagamin is a 38% Silver Diamine Fluoride ( SDF ) solution that acts as a powerful cariostatic agent, caries inhibitor, remineralizer, bactericide with anti-enzymatic action, protein-coagulant and desensitizer.
  • It combines both the effects of silver and fluoride on the teeth in one product.
  • It has a wide range of clinical applications:
  • In devitalized teeth, in cavity preparations for prostheses, crowns, fixed bridges, stud bolts, and carving of columns before cementation and when it is desired to preserve the support element.
  • When crowns or amalgams are removed with leaks.
  • On incipient or rampant caries.
  • In the treatment of cavities in temporary teeth in children where the aesthetic factor is not important.
  • In infected root canals (diluting it).


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